Apparel industry

The worldwide apparel industry is one of the most important sectors of the economy with regard to investment, revenue, trade and employment generation all over the world. Indian textile is witnessing great growth and development in the industrial sector in India as well as abroad. Apparel sector in totality contributes to the country’s GDP after agriculture. The important segments covered in apparel industry include home decor and furnishings along with clothing and fashion accessories for kids, women and men.

Indian apparels always had a place in the Japanese market. The Japanese apparel market maintains its position as one of the largest in the world and has been facing important changes. The greater utilization of the internet, whichallows anyone to have access to precious information available at homepages of designers and apparel brands.Specifically in Japan, because doubts about the future of the economy, have made Japanese consumers become increasingly cost and quality conscious and constantly scanning for” new “and”different” merchandise.The Japanese economy is viewed as being on its recovery stage. Althoughconsumers are trying to save more money to prepare for an unstable future, theyalso have a strong desire to spend money on fashion.
We Niko Business consultancy Inc.(NBC) with a specialist in apparel industry in our team can effectively carter the requirements of a Japanese buyer in India. We are well aware of the quality the Japanese clients are looking for and can help them to source the quality apparels at a reasonable price from India

The following services are offered by NBC

  1. We can arrange fabric collection according to the requirements from the buyer.
  2. We can prepare samples for the buyer in a stipulated time.
  3. We can help the buyers in identifying proper manufacturing facility depending upon the item and volume of their requirement.
  4. We can facilitate the inspection according to the check list of the buyer right from the fabric stage to shipment.
  5. We can ensure the daily monitoring the progress of the order and keep the buyer informed at regular intervals.
  6. We can offer the facility to prepare pattern if the design provided from the buyer.