Information Technology

Information technology is one of the most important industries in the Indian economy. The IT industry of India has registered huge growth in recent years. The market for both hardware and software products is growing at a very high pace in India compared to the other developed countries .

The main high lights of Indian IT industry are

  • India is the world’s second largest exporter of software after the US.
  • Quality standards meet the approval of the world
  • India exports software to more than 95 countries
  • India is the world’s largest source of technical and management talent.

Growing requirements and the ability to have a large pool of skilled engineers in india has made the Japanese IT industry to depend on the manpower outside Japan. All the highest technology countries are relying on Indian engineers. The big companies in Japan are already making use of the services of the highly trained intelligent Indian engineers. Medium to small sized companies which is very crucial to Japanese economy is still not in a position to tap the affordable technical expertise of the Indian engineers.

The major challenges for a small company trying to get the work done by an Indian company are

  • Lack of knowledge about India and its systems.
  • Scarcity of liaison houses who can help.
  • Heterogeneous culture and system of India.
  • Difficulties in communication.
  • Differences in the work culture.
  • Cost factors.
  • Difficulties involved in managing foreign nationals.

NBC as a consulting company have its own team of software engineers capable of bridge this gap. Our team is very well versed with the Japanese quality requirements and can deliver exceeding the expectation of our Japanese clients.

Work Outsourcing

  • One of our biggest strength is our years of experience in running our software development subsidiary. We have been doing software development, integration and support business for last 12 years exclusively for our Japanese clients.

Man power supply

  • This is another service we offer to our clients. We could place highly qualified and technically sound software and hardware engineers to Japan at a very competitive cost.
  • Japanese language training can be offered to those candidates who have been selected for Japan.

Localization of products to suite Indian market.

Being one of the most rapidly growing software markets in the world, we offer our services to localize successful Japanese software for Indian market.

  • Localization of Japanese software
  • Marketing of such localized software in the Indian market.
  • Software support for Indian clients.

Japanese companies working in India

We also provide the following consultancy and support services for Japanese firms working in India

  • Support for In-house IT system
  • Payroll processing.
  • Staff Recruitment
  • Japanese language/culture training to the staff.