About Us

Davis Sebastian

Davis Sebastian 51, an Engineer by profession and a business man by thought having 25 years of working experience in various fields in India and Japan at various capacities. His proficiency in Japanese language and  deep knowledge in Japanese business etiquette and culture helped him to win the confidence of many Japanese companies which entrusted him to establish their operations in India. After his long tenure in working with various companies he decided to satisfy the desire to become an entrepreneur and started his own company. In 1995 He established a trading company which deals with countries like Japan, US, Korea and Malaysia. In 2001 he established a software development company which provides IT solutions to the Japanese companies. His inner carve to become a facilitator to boost the bilateral trade between India and Japan he established a consultancy firm in 2008 to carter the needs of the Japanese companies which are keen to establish their business in India.


A Moscow state university PhD holder entered in to the business field after his studies. He is multilingual can handle five languages including Russian and Japanese. He got over 19 years’ experience in producing sustained revenue and business growth with start-up, turnaround, and highly competitive environments; in India and Overseas (CIS, Japan).Hold the credit of launching new businesses from scratch; inclusive of securing product approvals; developing new markets and clients; recruiting and mentoring teams; etc. Helped products attain success thresholds – from seed stage to market entry / leadership.Successfully managed and mentored cross-functional, matrixed teams across assignments; acknowledged for recruiting and developing leaders with an equal desire to win.Well versed with Asian ethos as well as Western style professionalism. He is in charge our pharmaceutical and healthcare consultancy division where he can capitalize his rich experience of working in the pharmaceutical markets of India, CIS and Japan.

Mami Davis

A pharmacist by profession having 30 years of experience in this field. Born in Kumamoto city in a family in to Hospital &Pharmacy business for the last 3 generations. Father a well-known Physician and mother a Pharmacist who run the family Hospital& Pharmacy business. She graduated from pharmacology college of Fukuoka and started her carrier working with Shinseido Company and later took charge of her family Hospital &Pharmacy business. After marriage she moved to Tokyo and worked in Kotobuki pharmacy. In 1995 she moved to Cochin, India. In India she was engaged in Travel business. Her passion towards medical profession and quest for learning motivated her to learn the holistic knowledge of “Ayurveda” which is practicing in India more than 5000 years ago till date. Her knowledge in the modern medicine and the ancient holistic treatment method “Ayurveda” helped her to start a company which facilitates the Japanese patients who were looking for an alternative treatment method where the modern medicine failed to help them. In the last 6 years she witnessed lot of cases which Ayurveda cured the diseases which considered being incurable. She is committed to propagate “Ayurveda” to the Japanese people,which she took as her mission in her life.

Her experience in the hospitality, travel and pharmaceutical industry made her a significant contributor to the activities of Niko Business Consultancy (NBC).


A hard core entrepreneur with tremendous courage to accept new challenges. He started his business career by establishing a trading company in Japan in 1984. He went to Japan and carefully observed and studied the Japanese way of doing business.

He started the business activities by sourcing electronic components for sale in India and later expanded it to the countries like USA and Hong Kong. In 1989 he diversified his business by entering to the automobile and garments industry. He was actively involved in importing automobile accessories from Taiwan and fabrics and garments from Korea and India to Japan. In 1993 he entered in to garments manufacturing sector and set up a full-fledged manufacturing facility in Chennai, India.His facility in Chennai is exporting high fashion garments to various buyers in Japan..


A science graduate entered in to the computer science field in the late 80′ s. Being a part of the industry he witnessed the growth of Indian IT industry in the last two decades. His tremendous experience in the software development and design field coupled with in depth knowledge in the cross industry fields won him confidence of many companies from Japan, Malaysia,New Zealand, China and Vietnam and they entrusted him to develop software for them. He is in capacity as the director of Indocosmo systems Pvt. Ltd a sister concern of Niko business consultancy (NBC) currently involved in many Japanese software development projects.