Today India is among the most attractive destinations globally, for investments and business. The Foreign Direct Investment has increased over the last few years. Globally, India is one of the most preferred destinations for foreign investment. However due to the heterogeneous nature of the Indian market; investors do find difficulty in finding clear answers to queries and also delays in getting their investments to fructify speedily.

Niko business Consultants Inc., (NBC) is run by a team of highly qualified and skilled professionals having rich experiences and a drive for superior performance. Our team members have 15-20 years experience in working with Japan as well as with India and all are proficient in Japanese language and Japanese business etiquette.

  • Our team is well-versed with Japanese business etiquette and Japanese business culture.
  • We are committed to provide support and guidance to Japanese companies to start business in India.
  • We shall also be a facilitator and partner, offering hand holding services to the investors to help them speedily fructify their investment plans.

India can emerge as an alternative destination for Japan’s investments in other Asian countries. India’s potential to attract Japanese investment is tremendous and the main highlights are as follows.

  1. Its strong economic fundamentals.
  2. A friendly cross cultural relationship between the people of Japan and India.
  3. Growth driven by domestic consumption, not by exports.
  4. A huge workforce coupled with a sizable skilled pool; Labor force will continue to grow until 2030.
  5. Large scope for investment in infrastructure.
  6. Cultural and political ties between Japan and India on an amicable footing.
  7. Judiciary system and intellectual property rights regime are fair.
  8. Entrepreneurial Culture, good accounting Practices.
  9. Full repatriation of profits is allowed.

We welcome all Japanese companies to be a part of this tremendous opportunity and benefit out of it.