Services Overview

Niko business Consultants Inc., (NBC) aims to offer comprehensive consulting services. NBC will focus on providing personal and specialized services to meet each client’s specific needs.
NBC offers a list of services for business owners to choose from, depending on their particular business needs. This includes;

  • Services for Initial procedures of investment in India.
  • Services for Statutory and Regulatory Compliance.
  • Services providing solutions on Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A.)
  • Services for Land Acquisition.
  • Services related to Taxation.
  • Services on Accounting Support.
  • IT related support Service.
  • Services on Secretarial Services and Corporate Governance Practice.
  • Services on Management Information Assurance.

NBC will have a focus on start-up businesses, preferably in the earlier stages of operation. Small and mid-sized businesses (SMB) make up a sizable majority of Japanese and international markets. NBC prefers to establish a relationship with a younger operation and continue to nurture that relationship over the long term.

NBC, can offer the following services

Services for Initial Procedures of Investments in India

  1. Making investment plans for Japanese companies in to India following Foreign Direct Investment policy and guidelines.
  2. Procuring licenses, regulatory approvals from the statutory bodies like Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB), Registrar of Companies (ROC) and others.
  3. Services for setting up Branch office, Liaison office, Project office, Subsidiary, Joint venture company etc.
  4. Services for representing on behalf of the company before statutory and regulatory bodies like Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB), Registrar of companies (ROC) etc.
  5. Services for procuring necessary approvals for setting up an office in India, Certificate of incorporation (COI), Directors Identification number (DIN) and Digital Signature Certificate (DSC).
  6. Services for procuring Importer Exporter code number (IEC), Excise Tax Registration number, Service Tax Registration number, Sales Tax Registration number (VAT,CST) and Indirect tax registration number.
  7. Services for procuring registrations like Professional tax, Provident fund (PF), Employees State Insurance (ESI).

Services for Statutory and Regulatory Compliance

  1. Services in setting up tax withholding processes, tax withholding calculations and tax return filing.
  2. Services in preparing and filing of withholding tax and corporate tax returns.
  3. Services in assisting during tax audit investigations by revenue authorities.
  4. Services to optimize tax incidence by evaluating an appropriate structure with tax and regulatory efficiency.
  5. Services on filing of returns related to Custom duty, Excise duty, Service tax, Value added tax, central sales tax etc.
  6. Setting up of EOU s, STP units, SEZ units and obtaining required registrations and licenses.
  7. Services on representations before government authorities on tax and trade policy issues.
  8. Services on all kinds of representations before government authorities.

Services on managing various statutory compliances prescribed under various laws and regulations of India.

Services providing solutions on Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

  1. Services on Mergers and acquisitions, providing solutions for different types of domestic and cross border transactions. Specific advice regarding mergers, demergers acquisitions.

Divestitures, strategic partnerships joint ventures and cooperate restructuring.

  1. Services in evaluating potential acquisition targets and assistance in negotiating and closure of the deal. Financial and legal due diligence of the joint venture partners.
  2. Services on Business Valuation of the companies for the purpose of buy outs and sell outs.

Services for Land Acquisition

  1. Services for land acquisition such as search plot of land, commercial negotiation for acquisition of land from primary and secondary market channels. Title due diligence review for the prospective plot of land. Preparation of documents such as agreements, sales deeds for procurement of lands for setting up a factory, plant or warehouse.

Services related to Taxation

  1. Services on preparing Employment agreements, Company policies, rules and regulations etc.
  2. Services on compliance the documentation formalities for expatriates like registration with Foreigner Regional Registration Office (FRRO), obtaining No Objection Certificate (NOC) from income tax department etc.
  3. Services on obtaining tax identification number, Permanent Account Number(PAN) of expatriates.
  4. Services on computation of total taxable income and income tax, tax filing, withholding tax return on salary payments, Personal income tax Return of expatriates.
  5. Services on preparation of salary/tax certificate (Form-16), Form 12 BA and Form 12B.
  6. Services on evaluation of tax treaties to examine the taxability and availability of tax treaty relief, advice on corporate tax structuring and business formations to optimize tax incidence.
  7. Services in drafting legal documents like Joint venture agreements, Memorandum of Understanding, Lease agreements and commercial agreement etc.
  8. Services on effectively complying with the appellate requirements and procedures, litigation practice in court of law of India, tribunals of various Appellate bodies.
  9. Services on annual and compliance assurance such as certification Service, statutory compliance assurance like statutory compliance assurance like statutory audit and Tax audit.

Services on Accounting Support

  1. Services on accounting support such as preparation of Management information Systems (MIS), Preparation of reports for Headquarters, payroll processing compliance etc.

IT related support Services.

  1. Services for all IT related solutions for the companies setting up their office, manufacturing facility etc.

Services on Secretarial Services and Corporate Governance Practice

  1. Services on secretarial and corporate governance practice such as preparation of minutes, board resolutions statutory records etc. Valuation of shares using discounted cash flow methods (DCF) and issue shares. Representation before registrar of companies, company law board and Ministry of corporate affairs. Preparation and filing of requisite forms and annual returns. Closure and winding up of the company.

Services on Management Information Assurance

  1. Services on Management Information Assurance like internal audit, Management Audit, asset verification, monitoring and control solutions, and investigation audit.
  2. Services on integrating internationally recognized financial standards with the financial statements prepared in India, Compliance of Indian Accounting standards and International Financial Reporting standards (IFRS).